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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well today I have to admit that I finally took my children to the Public Library. I haven't taken them since they were very little. We all got our very own Library Cards. The kids were so excited. Parker got 3 movies and a comic book. McKayla was looking for the book Number the Stars. It wasn't in so she got 2 books and the audio to Number the Stars. She needs this book for Activity Days. If anyone out there has this, let us know. We would love to borrow it. She is a very quick reader.. It turns out he Audio tapes aren't working.. Oh well we tried.
So for all of you who haven't been to the new library I would highly suggest going and checking it out.. Also, next week the new Washington City Library is opening. Sweet Huh...


renhallows said...

we hit our local library about every thursday for story time. My kids love it...I do to until they start pulling books off the shelves just to see the cover and can't remember where they go.
Our library is a double wide trailer. Yep...we are big time!

Lindsay Lou said...

I heart the Library! We just had a new one open up out here in Centennial Hills and we love it! We are there at least once a week! The kiddos luv it!

Cyndi Rella said...

We are library addicts!!!

Laurie said...

We need to check out the Washington library. It FINALLY opened. Yeah!