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Thursday, March 12, 2009

To the HoOp TwO!!

Last weekend Parker had his first tournament. We drove to Cedar City. Well lets just say that in all my years of travelling on the Freeway to and from Cedar I have never seen so many cars slide off the road. I was only scared once on the drive up. My hubby is a great driver and he makes me feel safe most of the time. Everyone should know that I'm not allowed to be in the driver seat if he is in the car anyway. Right? Which is not really fair, because until last year I was accident free.. Oops!!! Oh well, Now I am back to setting my new accident free streak.. I sure hope it never happens again.

Well back to the basketball game. We have some really athletic boys on the team. It was their first game so they were a little uneasy I guess. Bless their Hearts. They really played hard. I am sure that this next weekend they will be amazing.
It is so exciting and scary to see Parker growing up. I love to watch him play sports. He has such a good attitude. Go Parker~~
Love, Mom


renhallows said...

I can't believe that youre already a cheerleader for your son. He is getting big/old. Its a sad and exciting thing to watch our kids grow up.
hope youre doing well.

Lindsay Lou said...

Thanks for your nice comment...the green hotcakes were a hit!!! I can't believe you made that scary drive to Cedar...I would have been pulled over and balling hehehe. I hate bad weather. B wants to do softball or volleyball.. I need to get her signed up before its too late!!! YOUR the GREAT mom!!!!