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Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side. Let your families be families of love and peace and happiness. Gather your children around you and have your family home evenings, teach your children the ways of the Lord, read to them from the scriptures, and let them come to know the great truths of the eternal gospel as set forth in these words of the Almighty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Aunt Nadine...

Nadine Evelyn Farley

Stockton, CA
Nadine Evelyn Farley
Aug. 16, 1923 - Aug. 11, 2012
August 16, 1923, She would have been 89 next week. Nadine was born in
Washington to Eugene Edward and Vada Leona (McDow) Farley. Nadine's McDow and Triplett families were pioneers in the Maxwell and Colusa area of the Sacramento Valley. At the age of 1 month her family came home to California from Spokane traveling in a 1914 Ford over a period of days. As a child of the depression, she attended many area schools, before finally settling at and graduating from St. Agnes School and St. Mary's High School.
After High School, Nadine trained and worked as a Hair stylist. During this time she also trained as a Teletype Operator and was later employed at Tracy Defense, Sharpes Army Depot and The
Naval Communications Station at Stockton. During this time She also worked at the Remote Station at Mt. Aukum, CA.
As that facility closed Nadine switched gears and went to the Social Security Administration Stockton office, from which she retired.
Nadine was a long time devoted member and volunteer in St.
Luke's Parish, Stockton, CA.
She was preceded in death by her Parents, Eugene and Vada Farley, Her Brother Robert Eugene
Farley, her niece Sandra Kay Farley Torres, and Great nephew, Justin Farley, She is survived by her niece Gale Farley Anthony of Utah, nephews Larry B Farley of Tn, David R. Farley, Michael D. and Mark E. Farley of Stockton. She is also survived by 20 plus great nieces and nephews, many cousins including Karen Abramski and Marvin and Roberta McDow. She will also be missed by her friends from her morning coffees shared at Donut King, and Mimi's of Stockton. Special thanks to
Cindy Torres and Hospice of San Joaquin. Memorials may be made to Hospice of San Joaquin or St. Mary's High School Scholarship fund for underprivileged Students, Stockton. A Vigil will be held Sun. Aug. 19, 2012 at 3 pm at DeYoung Memorial Chapel, 601 N. California St, Stockton, CA . Burial Mon., Aug. 20, 2012 at 10am at San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery, 719 E. Harding Way, Stockton, CA

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I need your help.. Lost my friends blogs....

Well as you can see I updated my blog template.  I was ready for a change.  I have done this many times in the past with no real ploblems.  Well this time I lost all the my family and friends blogs.  So if you read this I need you to comment with your blog so I can add it back in.
Thanks so much...
Love ya

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from our House to Yours!

Parker Age 15

McKayla age 13

Jackson Age 9
Hope you all had a Great Day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are the ChAmPiOnS!

Richfield Father's Day Baseball Tournament

We went up to Richfield to watch Parker play in the Father’s Day Tournament. The Team only gave up 6 runs the whole tournament. The boys played so well together. We stayed at our friends Mom’s house. It was great as always. They make the best food too. It was a great weekend.

I have to say that it was such a fun experience to watch these boys come together and WiN the TourNaMeNT. They had only practiced one time.

CoNgRatUlaTiOns BoYS

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to move your Signature to the Right or Center!

Okay so if any of you are like me and you prefer your signature in the center
of your post or to the right of the post here is how you do it.

Center your Signature

This is how the code should look.

Right Justify your Signature

This is how the code should look.

Special Thanks to Paul Crowe over at spice up your blog for helping me with the different placements of the signature below the post.

How to create your own Blog Signature!

How many of you have wanted a personalized blog signature, but you weren’t quite sure how to do it. Or you were afraid of messing up your blog with all the html changes. Well here is a simple way to do this.

How I made my own Blog signature?

First go to

Step 1. Enter the Name you are going to use. Click “next step”

Step 2. Next choose the Font you like. Please note that there are 120 Fonts to choose from. You can preview before you decide. Click “next step”

Step 3. Next choose the Font size. I used #5. You can choose always go back and make this bigger if needed. Click “next step”

Step 4. Click to change the background color. You can choose a color, or you can make it transparent so that your signature will only show, and not a colored background. I choose transparent because when I change my blog background it will work with anything.

Now pick a text color. I choose black. Click “next step”

Step 5. Set the slope. I am choosing #6. Pick the one you like. Click “next step”

Step 6. Now on this step you have to choose what you want to do with the signature. Click the choice that says Want to use this signature?

Then choose HTML. Click on Generate HTML Code.

Then on the next page click on Generate a code for my handwritten signature.

Step 7. Below the line that says Generated HTML Code for your signature” You need to copy the HTML code. Now go to your blog!

Okay so are you following me so far. If so you should have your blog up on your screen.

Step 8. Click on dashboard, and go to the “Design” tab. Then click on “Edit HTML” tab. Then click the 'Expand Widgets Box' Find the following code in your blogs html.(Click 'CTRL and F' for a search bar to find this code)

Paste the code for your signature Directly Below or After the code you see above-

Note : If this code is in your template twice place it after the second one.

This is the Signature code!

Remove the code in Green and Keep the code in Purple!

Now save your template and view your blog. You can now look at your posts and the signature has been added.

Step 9. Now enjoy looking at your awesome signature!!!

Special Thanks to for having a free website
to help us build our HTML Signature.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look What I did today!

Today I finally created a signature for my blog. If some of you are wondering how to do this, I will be posting the tutorial tomorrow so stay tuned..