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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Link-a-thon

The Fall Link-A-Thon Has Begun over at Lemon Annies.
These are the pictures that I took this afternoon. I hope you enjoy them. I have enjoyed looking at everyone elses fall decorations. It gives me so much inspiration. I hope to see more.. Thanks again to Lemon Annie!! Ü

I just made this Barn Star last week. Edit: I just realized that the skeleton hanging from the shelf is turned around backwards so just use your imagination.

This is the top of my Armoire
This shelf is right by the front door entrance!This plate rack is in the dining room!
This is my favorite Fall Wreath! Look at the Yummy Candy Corn! Okay after I put the turkey out I realized its a bit early still, but he gets to stay I guess. He is so cute.. This picture is a thrift store find all the way. I repainted the little buffet black. It was originally just stained wood and cost just $8 bucks if I remember right. I got the awesome clock at the thrift store also for $5 bucks just as it looks now. I always shop on a tight budget and with a very open mind. I love to repurpose things.


Erin said...

Cute! Very Fall Like.

The McFarland Family said...

Your decorations look really cute!!! You are great at arranging! I love your blog it is sooo cute. Thanks for linking.

Lemon Annie

Annie said...

It all looks so cute! I got lots of ideas....Thanks for sharing! I will be back to snoop around!

Mikki said...

Really cute decorations!! I love your thrift store finds. You did a great job with them. I spotted you over at LemonAnnie's and had to peek at the rest.

michelle said...

Your fall decor looks wonderful!!! I love the hanging wreath with the candy corn next to it. Your blog is darling! I linked to your blog thru Lemon Annie

Lindsay Lou said...

Fancy Fancy Mrs. Jackie! Those pics make my little fall decor look like poop. Maybe you should be an interior decerator? And I love the thrift store findings. I would never be able to find stuff like that!

Kristin said...

Holy cow! I love em! I really need to learn some thrift shopping from ya or find out where you go!!! It looks great! (I have some new shelves that need help! They are bare!) :)