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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I want me a media console and I want me one now!!!

I am desperately looking for an old record player media console. I am willing to pay for this also. I just haven't seen one in a while. If you have one similar to this please let me know... I have tried 2 different pieces of furniture so far and none of them work.

Cabinets #1 Were about and inches in width to short for the Dish Network and Stereo.

Cabinet #2 I got all the things I wanted in it except for the stereo. I had just got done spending about 20 minutes moving all the wires around. I go to put it carefully into the shelf and it is about 1 inch to tall for the opening.

I am so bummed. I really want something to fit all the media stuff we have.
So if you see something on your daily travels at the D.I. or Yard Sale or someone you know....Beg them to let you buy it for me.. Becuase I'm awesome and I deserve it. I am willing to pay up to $50 or more dependng on the size and quality. I don't care about the color of the console, just that it is in great shape.

Edited: Yes I edited this post this morning. It appears I was unable to type or spell when I wrote this. Maybe to late at night, Hint Hint!!

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