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Thursday, May 21, 2009

School Programs and Talents Shows!!

I was running is circles yesterday two programs on the same day!!!

McKayla had one awesome 5th grade school program about the states and freedom. They sang about 10 songs and talked about voting. Our rights and freedoms. We are all not really that different after all .. I almost started to cry at that point. It takes me back to old days and new ones too... It is so true for each one of us at all times in our lives that we are really not that different after all. We all have one heart that beats the same.. They sang a song about this.

I went to Parker's Talent show and I was over taken by the talent these teens had at this age. The singers, musicians, drummers with buckets, gymnastics, comedians, Hawaiian dancing, and then my son on the unicycle. He sure love to ride that for people to watch him. He loves to see people smile. He just loves to do it. In fact, he is having a new one delivered in by UPS today on the front door step as I type this. So Laurie, If you see it get dropped off make sure it stays I just had a really fun day watching my kids. I was happy to see them so happy and enjoying life as a pre-teen and pretty much a teen... I am a proud mom today, I love you guys... Keep it up.. Love Mom *Ü*


Kristin said...

Yea! Sounds like fun! Now here we go summer!! :)

Laurie said...

I wanted to go to the talent show, but didn't make it there due to Austy's nap. I did see the latest unicycle :) I also saw the "miracle grow" video on the FRIS DVD. He's quite the performer! We love having him ( and all of you) close by.