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Thursday, August 28, 2008

School's Out Early!! SEP's!!

Well this week has been fun! I went and met with McKayla's teacher. She is in 5th Grade this year. She is doing awesome so far. She loves her teacher Mr. Horrock's. She is reading the book Shiloh and has to do 6 small reports on the book in the next 6 weeks. She is a member of the Student Council and is so excited to help make a difference in the school.

Jackson is in 1st Grade. His teacher is Ms. Webster. She is awesome. Jackson is doing great so far also. While we were meeting with his teacher she asked Jack if he had any questions. This is what he said. "I want to know if tomorrow you can let us use that sink to wash our hands? She says, "You need to wash your hands when in you go to the restroom or after during recess." He asks, "Why?" She says, "Because the water comes out so fast it gets all over the place and then when one of you sees someone washing your hands then all of you think you need to wash your hands." He says," Well then tomorrow can't you just explain to the kids how to turn the water on half way so it doesn't come out and splash everywhere."

The whole time he is trying to reason with Ms Webster he is rubbing is hands together just wondering if she could just explain this to the other kids it would really work. It was so cute.

Jackson and McKayla are loving being in the same school and they are already talking about how next year he will be alone and have to find someone else to walk home with.

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Cyndi Rella said...

Hey Jackie, I found your blog. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my friends list.
I can't believe McKayla is in 5th grade. And Jackson is in school all day. WOW!