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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July Baseball Tourney

Fourth of July Baseball Tourney in
Heber City!
These 3 boys are inseparable!!!

Parker, Hunter, and Braden

Parker and Braden are getting ready to mow the Baseball Field Lawns. I sure hope they don't get caught.

Parker is stealing from First Base to Second Base.

Parker is getting a little lead-off.

He is now getting ready to hit a triple. He sure can hit the ball when he wants too..

He is asking the Coach what he wants to do on the next pitch! What sign is that again!!

Hunter was doing all he could to keep a straight face. I was able to get a smile on the first picture of this post. Ha Ha Hunter!!

The boys all played really well. The all did some amazing things in the games they played. We hope to get into the Championship one of the tourney's.

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