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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little Birth Story!!!

Happy Birthday to Jackson
I just realized that I never posted this to my blog.Its been sitting in the post box. Its only been 2 years. Its just in time for me to write a new one for his 9th Birthday so I figured what the heck just post it.
I will try to give the quick story on Jackson's life so far(of course leaving out the traumatic stuff). Since I have done a horrible job of writing it down. I went in for a ultra sound at 7 months to see how he looked. I was having horrible preterm labor. They wanted to see what to expect if he was early because of preterm labor. They found swelling around his skull and the rest of his body. It was serious. I was life flighted up the UofU later that evening. At first we were told it was Down Syndrome, then a chromosome disorder. Then finally it was that he wasn't getting enough blood in his little body. So they decided to give him blood transfusions through his umbilical cord. As soon as they did the first transfusion it was like I had a new baby inside me just moving around like crazy, which he hadn't done my entire pregnancy. They ended up doing 3 total transfusions on him, and decided it would be better to let me have the baby and treat him once he was born because of the infection risk. (due to the transfusions)
On April 22nd, Jackson Jason Leavitt was born up at the University of Utah Hospital. He was a beautiful baby when he came out. Then they quickly passed him to through the window to the NICU. He was there for 2 months. Yes, this was a long long time for us to have him there. We couldn't wait to bring him home. There were a few scares during his stay there, but we were able to get through them. I know that the Lord was actively involved in Jackson's life. He was so strong and such a fighter. We needed him here with us.

Jackson has been one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to our family. He is a special spirit in our home. Always making us laugh. Says spiritual things that we don't know where they came from. I could only be the spirit.

The first two years of his life he spent more times that i can count in the hospital with pneumonia, croup, high fevers, pneumonia, etc.

The day before his 2 birthday he choked on a Hot Dog! I really felt so helpless and could 't believe that it happened to us after all the things that we had already had to go through with this special little guy.
He ended up perfect and got his tonsils out and was as good as new. No more choking.

Now the fun and exciting part about our Awesome Little Boy!

Seven things I love about Jackson

1. His quick whit
2. His Freckles
3. His silly faces, and missing front teeth
4. He love his family so much(especially Mom)
5. He loves to learn about Jesus
6. He loves to play with friends
7. He loves to be active all the time..

This was extremely hard to choose seven things. So when he gets older I will make sure I list many more. Please feel free to share any that I may have missed.
I hope this post isn't to serious, I am using this blog as a journal so i wanted to write a little history on his life so far...

I love you Jackson
Happy 7th Birthday

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