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Monday, February 23, 2009

Well what is a Concussion Anyway?

Well my son Parker thought he wanted to find out.
I received a phone call from his friend Parker saying he had wrecked on his bike. So I was just thinking it was no big deal right. He failed to mention that he went down 3 flights of stairs and hit a pole at the bottom. That would have meant something more to me.. Boys crash on their bikes all the time right. So I go there to pick him up and he was frantic. He had no idea what was going on and was freaking out to say the least.. He kept saying this is a "dream" as I thought to myself I wish it was too..

I rushed him to the hospital cause I was so worried. I couldn't believe how he was acting. He was asking the same questions repeatedly. Here is list of questions he asked:

1. What is today?
2. This is a dream right?
3. Did I go to school today?
4. Is today Saturday?
5. How did I get this (injury) on my face?
6. Am I friends with Braden?
7. What is today?
8. Why is today a holiday?
9. Do I have to go to school tomorrow?
10. Can I take a shower? ( 3 showers later he stopped)
11. I am hungry. ( 2 huge plates of spaghetti later)
12. Can I go to the bathroom?
and the number one asked question is......
13. Do I have to get a shot? No.. his response. Yes, sweet I hate shots.(with a clinched fist)

So he decided to ride his bike down 3 sets of stairs. He then proceeded to hit the wood post at the bottom. He hit the post with his head and had a nice roughed up check area. A few hours, a cat scan and a bed in the hallway at the ER, because they were completely overflowing that day. The Dr said it was on target to be the busiest day of the year. We were able to come home and relax later that evening, and get some free entertainment too...

He has assured me that he doesn't know what he was thinking.. and he will never do that again.. Should I believe him? Just another day at The Leavitt's...


Laurie said...

Poor Parker. When I talked to him on the phone while at the ER and asked him what was going on. He said, "I think I hurt my head."

Jackie said...

lol.. Oh yea. Thats was funny. I thought it was funny cause we had his phone out and he just answered it when you called. He didn't know what he was talking about though.. He is doing much better...

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness Jackie! That is so scary! I'm glad it wasn't too serious! I hope he is doing better now.

Lindsay Lou said...

Ouch!!! Kids are crazy these days! he is a little dare devil!!! And yes you are in!!! Can't wait to suprise you with it!!!

Lindsay Lou said...

ps..u never posted ur cafe rio recipe...