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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Girls 1st Annual Halloween Party!!

Brillee is in the big pink glasses, Emilee is from Star Wars, Stefani is a Hippi Girl, Megan is a Dance Girl, McKayla is Clown, and Maddi is a Hippie Girl. (Left to right Top to Bottom.)

I bought scary teeth at the Dollar Store. We were gonna do a Tooth Bobbing game kinda like Apple Bobbing. WELL, lets just say a few of the girls started getting a little freaked out. So they just ended up putting them in their mouths and we took pictures.
"The Bone Hunt"Brilee, Stefani, and McKayla posed for a picture just waiting for the rest of the girls to come to the party!! They all had a blast!! Okay so toward the end of the party the Costume Box came out. All the girls started changing up their costumes. It was so dang funny to see what they would come up with. Well Stefani came up with the funniest by far. Her hair matched this wig she put on and it looked like "Uncle Earl" as they called it. It was the perfect mullet. Brilee had the mask on and the red cape. I wish I had the pictures that I took on Brilee's camera too. I got a ton of cute one on hers.
This was Stefani in the pink Hippi costume, Then Stefani in the Black Dress Coat, so you can see the Difference!!! So Funny!

Stefani, Come on Girl you wanted your picture taken "Can you at least smile for me"

Can you "Roll your Tongue"?? Everyone could except one girl..

Emily definately makes a great Star Wars figure doesn't she. She is so dang cute!!! Look at those ear muffs!

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you had a Boo-licious time!


Lindsay Lou said...

Looks like FUN! I never got my invite;)

renhallows said...

it does look like a lot of fun. Wish I could of help chaperone it.
Youre a great mommy!

Lindsay Lou said...

Hmmmm....I still don't see your 10 things you can't live with out honey...jk jk