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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can I say Heaven!!!

Today I was treated to a full body massage. This was my first massage ever! I was so excited to get one. I have posted before that I have always wanted one. Well it was everything I had hoped for. Isn't it funny how we think things might be and after we go through it we realize its not that bad. I should have gotten a Massage a long time ago. The girl who did it was so great. She made me feel so comfortable. Her Name is Tiffany, She works at Red Mountain Spa. She has been doing this for a long time and she knows what she is doing.
Well okay you might be asking yourself how I got treated?? Let me explain! My sooo cool sister in law Jaclyn asked me to watch her little boys over night this coming week. I agreed of course. They are so cute. They also love me!! Well Tiffany is Jaclyn's sister in law. So she mentioned treating me to a massage in exchange for watching the boys. I was like "well alright then" of course there is no need to twist my arm on something like that.
I have been wanting one for so long. Well now I know where to send my husband to get me a gift certificate for all special occasions.. Yippee!!


Lindsay Lou said...

I got my first massage last year fo my bday and it was the most wonderful relaxing experience of my life!!! Now I am hooked! They have a Massage Envy right by my house and its just 39 for a massage..not too bad! Anyways congrats on your first massage!!! Now you'll be hooked like me!

Channin said...

Hey Jackie! Read your blog about massage. Did you know that I am a Certified Massage Therapist? I've been in the "business" for about 6 years now. I love helping those in pain & stress :D