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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sugar Scrub!!

Tonight Andrea and I had wonderfully relaxing pedicures. (I owe you for this one!!) It had been several months since I had my last pedicure so I was ready. It was great and it was relaxing. I am hoping to get back in there and have my first massage. I am so anxious to get one, but I can't wait... I posted this picture because I wonder how long my toes will stay like this. I am gonna count the days.
There is something great about a pedicure that is so relaxing. If you haven't had a pedicure before I encourage you to get one. It is worth!! Its not just about getting your toenails painted. You get a wonderful foot and ankle massage. I love having my
feet massaged. My favorite part is the Sugar scrub. I wanna hear if you have or haven't had one before? Leave me a note!

Well I just want to thank you for the fun night Andrea, It was great! I'm glad we were able to go and get away from the kiddies and have some quiet time!


Andrea said...

YAY for cute toes!

Kristin said...

What is a sugar scrub?? That sounds wonderful!! Its been forever since I've had a pedicure....