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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Gooseberry Ride!!!

For Labor Day Weekend we went on a ride with our friends. We ended up going last minute with the Young's on Friday instead of Saturday early morning. It was a fun ride up. I learned that I am not the only one that has sweaty feet. Dave met us on Saturday and we had a great breakfast before we headed out for our ride on Gooseberry. This mountain is Cameron's stomping ground and he is like little kid on a pedal bike. I love going on rides with them. I promised Heather that next time if she wasn't gonna make it I would stay home and watch the kiddies so she could come instead. We missed her, and I do feel bad that Dave has to talk to himself on these long rides all by himself. Don't worry Dave just remind yourself this is only short term!!
Anyway back to the mountain. It is so gorgeous and relaxing. Its a piece of heaven to Jason and I when we are there.

When we got back to Cameron's moms house she served us the best grilled chicken pesto veggie sandwich I think I can remember(Okay except for Cameron's). Anyway all the food she served us was totally awesome. It runs in the family!!

Well the kids weren't so excited about being left home, but they did survive. No major accidents. I was nervous. Grandma Gale saved their day. Thanks Mom!!

In case your wondering were this Gooseberry is?? Its right by Fish Lake.

Well we sure hope our friends realize how grateful we are to them for all they do for us and how much we appreciate there friendships. We love them all so much!! Thanks again, Youngs and Greens your Awesome!!



Laurie said...

You must have change your colors because I can now read your blog. It's all great! Now I can keep track of you better! :) Now I've got to get back in the blogging groove!

Heather said...

Jackie-Next time I'm going if I have to bring the kids with me!!! I love the blog, so cute. Thanks for being such a great friend!!!